Who we are:
Parliament Chocolate is a small team of impassioned individuals striving to bring something new and exciting to the chocolate world. The truth is, the art of chocolate making is a truly artisanal process. Our true respect for the amazing cacao bean fuels our process by deciding to only use two ingredients, high quality cacao and organic cane sugar. By creating and nurturing with this simplistic approach we are able to let the true profiles of the cacao beans come through in our chocolate.  

Why we produce small batch chocolate:
We do it ultimately for the love of producing our amazing product. Unlike large production/factory chocolate, we feel we can really achieve amazing quality when we put love into every step. The farmers put everything into what they do from the tree, to the pods, to the beans. And for us to have the ability to touch and hand sort those beans, roast them, crack and winnow them, refine them, and then temper them into a delicious piece of quality chocolate, is truly something amazing.

Our values:
We at Parliament know how beautiful, flavorful, sweet and delicious great chocolate can be. Yet, the process of making great chocolate has to start in one place, and that is with the farmers. We strive to treat our producers and small co-op farmers with the upmost respect and gratitude for the product they provide us. We also make sure these producers are using good environmental practices throughout the entire process. To achieve this we go directly to the farmers and their families and pay them above market value for their hard work and commitment to environmental stewardship. By creating these direct relationships we can also be sure the farmers are striving to provide the most up to date processes in growing, fermentation, and drying. The moral of the story; Good social, agricultural, and economic values = Amazing Chocolate!

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