Chocolate Bars
THE BEAN - Cacao is a beautiful thing, especially when it helps the lives of many farmers. Öko Caribe is comprised of three different organizations consisting of 15-20 farmers each. All of these farmers practice the most up to date techniques from farming, fermentation, and drying, thus enabling us to make you the best possible bar of chocolate.
TASTING NOTES - Red Grapes, Prune, Honey, Hibiscus, and Pomegranate

THE BEAN - The farmers of this Bolivian cacao are always evolving with their farming techniques. Their next step is to develop a centralized drying and fermentation facility which will enable a consistent cacao. By buying this chocolate you are able to take part in making this step a reality. This is a unique flavored origin and we believe you can truly taste the soul of Bolivia through this chocolate.
TASTING NOTES - Black Truffle, Umami, and Mild Oak Finish

THE BEAN - Cacao is a valuable tradition that comes from our Mayan ancestors and has been passed from generation to generation. Q’eqchi families from the eco-region of Lachua dedicate themselves to the cultivation of cacao to produce the highest quality product, to better the economy of our families and helping at the same time to preserve the environment for our future generations. ~Hector A. Ruiz Chub
TASTING NOTES - Young Blackberry, Riesling, Light Cherry

TASTING NOTES - Roasted Malt, Marshmallow, and Hint of Elderberry

Variety of handcrafted confections using high quality, local ingredients

Chocolate Syrup
You can taste the Chocolate Syrup in a Mocha Latte at these local coffee shops.

Augie’s Coffee Roasters
Stell’s Coffee & Tea Co.
Olive Avenue Market

Mayan Drinking Chocolate
An ancient Mayan style of hot chocolate that is rich, thick and creamy.

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